My goal for every session is to provide you with beautiful images that were delightful to create. I walk away from every session knowing that my clients have had an experience being photographed that was nothing like their expectations. Most people are uncomfortable in front of the camera so the biggest compliment I get (and I hear it often) is "That was so much fun!" and "I love that picture of me!"
Check out what others have said and then get in touch. You'll be so happy you did!
  • My 9 year old son said these exact words "that was so fun, can we do this again next year?!"   Said no 9 year old boy ever, but he really did say it.  He has always HATED getting his picture taken and stresses me out when I mention the word. You were fabulous!  We love the pics and are looking forward to the next photo shoot!   -Lisa
  • My 8 year old grumbled the whole way to the photo shoot. Then said,”wow! That was fun!” You have a great eye for photography! The speed of the session belies the results! Thank you!!! -Jenn

  • You are so talented. I'm glad we chose to work with you for Matthew's senior portraits. Really, that you could get him looking so relaxed and confident — while being photographed. THAT is seriously fun photography. -Martha
- Nicki